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Micro Weddings, the new trend you didn't know how much you could love!

With the wedding season of 2020 being the most emotional and uncertain year, I am happy to announce we are getting used to the "new norm" of weddings for right now; and so are you!

When we started this season we never imagined the amount of change we would go through, with many clients deferring their dates to 2021 in hope we would be back to normal by then. As we move into this next phase of Covid-19 we are seeing more and more clients focus on what is important, and this is exciting!

Maybe you were that little girl that dreamed of your massive wedding, outrageous gown, or over the top show to celebrate your day. Perhaps you never really put any intentions into your day at all, you just followed the flow of what to do for your wedding. Regardless, for those who chose to pursue their "I do's" into 2020, they have all said the same thing to us. "It was devastating at first, but at the end of the day we made it work, we made it exciting and we did it our way and it felt very intimate and special".

Your in love, you want to continue your journey and Covid-19 does not have to hinder your path any further. Consider a Wedding Planner/ Coordinator for your day. If you haven't already I can tell you we have helped guide many of our clients through this uncertain time. Focused on what is the most important elements we bring to their weddings and assist with the ever changing situations that our clients have been faced with this season.

Heading into 2021 is still unknown, but if you are in love and want to move forward with your plans we are here for you. It was very interesting that this past fall I read the story of my Grandmother, married during World War 2 in the United Kingdom. During these times most did not have much at all, but from the story I read it was a beautiful day full of love even in the days of war. They just made it work, and they had a love story of 59 years. True love is worth the battle and we are ready to help you when times get tough.

Wishing all of our 2020 couples so much love and for our upcoming clients, we are here and we are ready to work hard to ensure we bring the magic to your day! Cheers to you, these moments will be memories and some day your grandchildren will hear your story and that is priceless!

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