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Our Planning Services


At Encore Events, we believe that every wedding is unique and special, and should be a beautiful celebration of your love story. With over 30 years of combined industry experience and perspective, our team is dedicated to making your wedding day exceptional and unforgettable. From start to finish, we ensure impeccable execution and a stress-free planning process, to create unforgettable memories.

Partial Planning |

 What we include...

  • Wedding Planning Checklist Creation: We'll work with you to develop a comprehensive wedding planning checklist to ensure nothing is overlooked.

  • Pre-Wedding Consultations (Three): We'll schedule and conduct three pre-wedding consultations to discuss your vision, preferences, and priorities.

  • Venue Site Walk: We'll accompany you on a site visit to your chosen venue, allowing us to assess the space and discuss layout options.

  • Vendor Recommendations: We'll provide recommendations and guidance for selecting vendors who suit your wedding needs.

  • Vendor Contract Reviews: Our team will review and assist in finalizing vendor contracts to ensure clarity and adherence to your expectations.

  • Venue Diagram Design: Collaboratively, we'll design a detailed venue diagram to plan the layout of your event space.

  • Wedding Day Timeline Construction: We'll create a meticulous timeline for your wedding day, outlining the sequence of events from start to finish.

  • Vendor Coordination: We'll confirm all details with the respective vendors before your wedding day, ensuring that everything is in order.

  • Ceremony Rehearsal Facilitation: We'll lead and facilitate the ceremony rehearsal to ensure that everyone knows their roles and the ceremony flows smoothly.

  • Unlimited On-Site Presence: We'll be on-site with you, along with one assistant, ensuring you can savour every moment of your special day, free from concerns about the details.

  • Ceremony Processional Direction: We will expertly direct the ceremony processional, ensuring a seamless and organized start to your wedding.

  • Setup Coordination: We'll coordinate and assist with the setup of both the ceremony and reception spaces, making sure every element is in place according to your plan.

  • Accessories Arrangement: Our team will arrange and display wedding accessories such as the guest book, place cards, favors, and more, so they perfectly complement your décor.

  • Boutonnière Pinning: We'll oversee the pinning of boutonnières, ensuring all VIPs and special guests receive their flowers without a hitch.

  • Vendor Liaison: As your dedicated point of contact, we'll manage and communicate with all vendors, ensuring they deliver their services as planned.

  • Assistance for Wedding Party and Guests: We're here to assist the wedding party and guests as needed, from offering guidance to addressing their questions or concerns.

  • Payment and Gratuity Distribution: We will handle the distribution of final payments and gratuities to vendors, ensuring all financial matters are taken care of seamlessly.

  • Emergency Kit: We'll have an emergency kit at the ready, equipped with essentials to tackle any unforeseen situations or minor hiccups that may arise.

  • Troubleshooting: Our team is prepared to address and resolve any unexpected issues, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free and flawless wedding day.

Single Day Events - Investment starts at $5,500 CAD

Full Planning |

 What we include...

  • Everything from partial planning packages


  • Crafting Your Wedding Roadmap: Preparing a Comprehensive Wedding Timeline and Building Your Wedding Checklist

  • Financial Management: Setting Priorities, Budget Development, and Ongoing Budget Tracking

  • Venue Quest: Scouting Ceremony and Reception Locations

  • Vendor Magic: Providing Vendor Recommendations, Skillful Negotiations, and Secure Bookings

  • Contract Check: Reviewing Vendor Contracts

  • Vendor Coordination: Managing and Liaising with Vendors

  • Design Dream: Crafting and Executing Your Unique Wedding Aesthetic

  • Stationery and Guest List: Handling Save-the-Dates, Invitations, and Printed Materials, as well as Managing Guest RSVPs

  • Delightful Details: Navigating Wedding Favors and Accessories

  • Hospitality Matters- going the extra kilometre: Coordinating Accommodations, Transportation, and Childcare, and Designing Welcome Bags for destination weddings

  • Legalities in Place: Managing the Marriage License Process

  • Etiquette Guidance: Providing Etiquette Information and General Wedding Advice

  • On-Demand Consultations: Unlimited Meetings and Coordination Support

  • Vendor Unity: Attending Vendor Meetings and Confirming Details with Vendors Before the Wedding

  • Rehearsal in Order: Facilitating the Ceremony Rehearsal

Wedding Day:

  • Impeccable Execution: Enjoy an Uninterrupted Wedding Day with Unlimited On-Site Coordination Time, Supported by at Least Two Assistants

  • Ceremony Command: Directing the Ceremony Processional

  • Seamless Setup: Coordinating and Assisting with Ceremony and Reception Setup

  • Accessory Arrangement: Setting Up Wedding Accessories like Guest Books, Place Cards, and Favors

  • Floral Finery: Ensuring Boutonnières Are Pinned and VIPs Receive Their Flowers

  • Vendor Central: Serving as the Main Contact for All Vendors

  • Guest Support: Assisting Family, Wedding Party, and Guests as Needed

  • Financial Finalization: Distributing Final Payments and Gratuities to Vendors

  • Emergency Readiness: Equipped with a Stocked Emergency Kit

  • Troubleshooting Pros: Addressing Unforeseen Challenges

  • Smooth Load-Out: Coordinating the End of the Event

  • Extra Events (Optional): Add-On Coordination and Planning for Additional Events like Welcome Parties, Rehearsal Dinners, Sunday Brunch, and More.

Single Day Events - Investment starts at $8,500 CAD

Looking to plan and host multiple
wedding celebrations?

We love pre-wedding engagement parties, welcome dinners, and next-morning brunch.

Please reach out directly to the Encore Events team to see how we add in multiple events into our packages. 

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