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Meet Eron! The Encore Events Team | Your Local Vancouver Wedding Planner


Founder and Senior Planner

Introducing Eron, the founder and operator of Encore Events Wedding Planning & Coordination.


In 2017, Eron embarked on the journey of Encore Events, driven by her passion for the event industry after transitioning from a previous small business venture. With years experience in the hotel banquets and event industry, and previous to that, years of catering management at a high-class restaurant, Eron found herself drawn back to the event and wedding industry. Reflecting on the self-employed experience, Eron considers it a profound gift, presenting challenges that foster personal growth beyond imagination—a sentiment she wouldn't trade for anything. While also currently owning a B&B, client experience and comfort has always been a high priority in every endeavour Eron has taken on, and she is proud of her client relations she has been able to quickly build through every industry she's worked in. 

Over the past seven years, Encore Events has undergone dynamic growth, navigating through team expansions, a two-year downsizing period due to COVID restrictions and business challenges, only to reemerge with vigour in 2022.

Eron firmly believes that while a business may be great, it becomes truly extraordinary through an exceptional team. Encore's excellence is rooted in the time, commitment, and personal experiences that we invest in every client.

"The ultimate compliment we receive is when clients not only realize their dream weddings but also feel like they've walked through the entire process with a trusted friend."

Eron's Favourite Design Styles: Eron gravitates towards a design aesthetic that is simple, well-balanced, and enriched with natural elements. This preference translates into crafting distinct events that feature unique focal points tailored to each client and their individual love story.

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