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Toonie bar on the rise!

If you live in BC...Wait, let me be more specific. If you live in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley or any other BC region experiencing the massive increase in real estate and you are getting ready to start your new life and journey with the one you love and tying the knot... why wouldn't you toonie the bar! Listen, we all know the cost involved with a wedding and there are areas to consider pulling back when you are on a budget, but don't let it be the food and drinks. Your guests will be coming to celebrate you, they will be showering you with love and compliments all day and leave you with a gracious gift or often cash, don't skimp on the things they enjoy most about the reception. the food and drinks! Asking guests for $2 per drink is extremely reasonable and most are very excited to know they only have to pay $2 for a beverage. it allows you to provide the alcohol, reduce the cost and put that money back into your savings to purchase your dream house if you haven't already! So in closing, to toonie bar or cash bar, I say toonie if you can! BC Weddings are worth it and your guests will love every moment from urban to city to country girl, we know how to throw a party in BC!!!

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